Beef Tenderloin And Black Truffle Ravioli

Beef Tenderloin with Cowesett Inn.
>> there it is. >> there it is. >> and there’s some gone and i didn’t drink it. pam, i’ve i got a quick question ue for you. this is pamm from cowesett inn in west warwick. did you see shawn in his tie? >> i it. >> what did youha think? >> i think pretty savvy. >> we have a handsomeav mealso here. beautiful. tell me what thesete are. they’re ravioli. >> we w have aav truffle ravioli. >> what is a truffled ravioli,io what’s the differewhnce t between a regular ravioli and a truffled.ff >> this is sliced fres sh trufflesff inside the ravioli, ricotta cheese andee potato, andot we’re going togo make sambuca creambu sauce to go withsa it,wi we’re alsoe’ going to do a grilled filletil of beef. >> tenderloin. rl >> yes. >> so we’re going to have ae a little ravioli, pasta, beef, sambuca. now contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to worry about getting drunk. >> to. o.no. >> because it al



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