Beef Prices On The Rise, Due To Expensive Fuel 1-24-11

The rising cost of fuel has helped drive the wholesale price of beef to its highest level in two and a half years.
if beef is what’s for dinner tonight … chances are you paid a lot more for it. the wholesale price of beef is the highest ‘s been in two-and- a-half years. depending on where you shop in central new york, you’re likely to see winter meats … like pot roast, top round and stew beef … cost between 30 and 40-cents more per pound. newschannel nine’s jan carabeo shows us what’s behind the trend … turns out, it’s already been hitting your wallet elsewhere. on one of the coldest days in years … elaine miller is shopping for a meal that will hit the spot. elaine miller/shopper: today i got a beef briscut and i’m going to make a nice stew for the cold weather . but today … she’ll be paying about 30-cents more per pound for it. nats — cutting meat it’s a decision the meat manager at spera’s in cicero hates making. sot full tom zesky/spera meat manager: it is one of the hardest things f



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