Beef O’Brady’s

Tay Cochran from Beef O”Brady’s talks to Bree about all the goings on in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.
now is the city of ireland let’ if you want to enjoy all classi irish think the people brady’s restaurant can help you there celebrating the holiday the right way and take off credit. it tells more about the event had this morning was rather tha having a ladies i you know they are just kind of thing at a restaurant been around long time. what location you are actually at the is it that a lot when you want in the public shopping center always been over eight years now, right into the great variety on your menu of a lot of different things working to get to the things you probably just a whole variety there yet. we have a little bit of everything for some for everybody writing. have a great event is coming up today if people have irish blood in them like i did. i love celebrating thing patrick that you got all kinds of items brought them today. yes, let’s talk at what you brought david so



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