Beef Flemington With Madeira Sauce

We’re cooking Beef Flemington with Madeira Sauce in the kitchen with Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.
t muchs , melissa. let’s head over to the t kitchen, elizabeth is iniz there.n >> that’s right, ben.t, this morning, we are cookingg th fleming’s steakhouse and mike, you’re making one of my favorite things thriat’s on the menu there, because you call it the th beefee flemington, but it’ss actually a beef wellington.we >> not theot super traditional one with the expensive ingredients, this is a great litistle one you can do at h aome. >> show me what they are. >> you know me, everything we do is pretty much as simple as simple can be. >> you let the main ingredients speak for themselves. >> even sinksly, you have tenderloin, mushroom stuffing, a sauce, you can do any kind of sauce youu want. we’ll do oneo with madeira wine in it, because it goescait really, really well. there’s not a lot of components. it’s simple, simple, in the oven, boom, you’re done. d >> this scares mehi with the pu



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