Beef And Guinness Mulligan Stew

Beef and Guinness Mulligan Stew
or mutton. for the sake of what everybody likes, we are making this with beef. i just jumped ahead a little bit just for the sake of time. >> i know that you know the drill very well. we’re going to give you the list of ingredients and we will also put the ingredients on our website, thehamptonroadsshow.com. >> we do have some vegetables. we of onions, celery, carrots, peas, and that’s and barleys. i was told that you have to the barley in it to make it ours. >> i thought the guinness took care of that. >> we have rose mary, bailey, tomato paste — we’re going to go ahead and put you to work. we really did do the beef already. >> you said that you flowered the beef. — floured the beef. are you going to go to the store and buy us to meet? >> yes. at farm fresh, we offer a couple of different times of need. — kind of meat. it has a little bit more fact in there. — fat. he did not have t



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