Bear & Grill Restaurant & Bar

Great food and service in a fun and casual atmosphere.
the bear and d grill restaurant of orange is ithe place to be. here to show one of their favorite recivopes r is the heavy head chef and owner. welcome back lcand we’re making i today cornedo beef hash. >> absolutely. but first, before we get started with the recipe, elet’s start with your place. you have a u great lunch buffet every sunday.un ay >> brunch ever sunday 11 orange11 county 1:00: to 2:00 and these are examples what we have . eggs benedicts, corned bef hash. . everything is made on premises. >> you >>brought a sample of what is included in your buffet. this is the cathrving station.t >> fresh turkey.uy. fresh turkey breast, prime rib, corned beef hash, shrimpim cocktail. ta >> and my favorite part, the sweets . is that french toast with apple.p that thlooks good. what kind of cake is that? fontaine has been eyeingin that. let’s get started on the recipe, corned beef hash. >>



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