Bear And Grill, Orange

Bear and Grill, Orange
>> whatever you’re in the mood for for lunch, chances are you will find it at bear & grill in orange. lots to choose from, great atmosphe there. here is nick, and he head chef, thank you for being here. you brought a wide array of the type of fod you serve there mainly american fare. >> american fare, made in house, family operated, my wife and i, anwe’re there every day doing what do we. >> organic, fresh ingredients. >> hand cut, hand made, all organic. angus beef. >> what are we making today? >> chicken fried steak, using fillet minot. >> usually it is not such a high end cut of beef you use for chicken fried steak so this is different. get us started. we he eggs here. >> a little breading station, which is flour, breadcrumbs with cheese and the parsley, and egg wash with buter milk. >> okay. >> everything is in there already, so just — >> how much buttermilk do you t in there? >



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