Beans And Corn Bread

Beans and corn bread
a lot of people. >> thank you. >>> nothing beats the cold like warm, homemade cornbread. american classic chef scott peacock shows us how to whip some up complimenting a great, no fuss dinner. >> today beans and cornbread. >> yes, indeed. we will start with the cornbread. >> well, i don’t know, this does not look like corn meal that i’m used to. >> white corn meal, very fine grind. >> it is like flour. >> it is a little bit like flour. it is not a very course corn meal. it is an extra fine grind. you can make it with any corn meal. i am using this because it is my favorite. one and a half cups of corn meal, teaspoon of salt, level teaspoon of baking soda. then we are going to crack a couple of eggs. this is the simplest recipe you could possibly have. break the eggs up a little bit. pour the buttermilk in the eggs for me? >> yes, here goes. >> and then we stir this into the dry. so, we’v



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