Beachside Drinks

In honor of Rhode Island Monthly’s summer edition, Jerry from “The Block” teaches us how to make a few beachside, summer drinks.
Welcome back to.nn”the corhode show.” This morning, m block island is a favorite, and i’m surprised, peppa jack of rhode island monthly, how many pentople don’t go out to block island.nnI think more people from new york and massachusetts go there. It’s weirdit.nnIn your summer edition which is on news stands now, one of the things i like is you wept onou this — went on this ridiculously scenic hike through block island. I just imagine you traipsing through the hills of block island and after you see thehe sights, you need a gooden and that’s where jerry comes in. Tell the people where you’re from.nnI’m from block island, born and raised, ise work at the hotel and i’m here to make summer cocktails.nnLet’s do it, because, it’s my second drink segmencot of the day and i’m raring to go.nnThe first will be the b tlock island blackberry, served with w gray goose vodka.nnOk.nnMr. Skwrao: and i



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