Be A Super Mummy This Halloween / Rallie McCallister Aka “

Be a Super Mummy This Halloween and Host a Pre-Trick Treating nJoin Rallie McCallister aka “The Mommy M.D.” for tips on how to get your little ghosts and goblins to eat well this fall. The leaves are changing, and there is anticipation in the air. Your kids are so excited about fall and trick our treating.
They call her home indeed. Dr. Ral lee is the author of several books including healthy lunch book. She joins us this morning to help plan a spooky but healthy halloween dinner. Good morning.nnHow are you coulding?nnGood.nnI’m excited. I hear you have some floating eye ball dip, monster fingers. I think i see the fingers sticking out in front of you.nnThat’s right. We do. We have all kinds of good tips and recipes and you know, i think most parents before they send their children out trick-or-treating might be tempted to feed their kids something quick and easy like chicken nuggets or pizza, but really, it’s probably a better idea to give kids something really nutritious starting with the — what i like to use is mrs. Pauls fish sticks because these are 100% fish fillets. They’re tasty and crunchy that is what i’ve used to create these dishes.nnDel me how you made these.nnLet’s start wit



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