BBQ Vegetables

BBQ vegetables
grab some fresh produce and watch this. brooke and mr. barbecue have a great idea for dinner. >> your mom always said eat your vegetables. >> she d. that’s right. >> sometimes they can be so boring. but they are never boring with mr. barbecue. >> we’re going to make sure of that today, brooke. we’re at the height of vegetable garden season. people with gardens in the backyard, they have all these veggies. what are we going to do with them? i have a simple, tasteful recipe. two ways to cook vegetables and enjoy them hot off the grill. >> simple and god. i love that. i think that’s my middle name. >> god, right? >> good. >> first thing we do is do my vegetable foil packet. this is easy to do, takes about 30 to 45 minutes to cook, and oh, the taste is great. we have yukon gold potatoes, red and green pepper for flavor and color. >> all of these vegetables pulled right out of your garden. >>



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