BBQ Pitmasters

Matt and Ryan from Hot Grill on Grill Action talk about their spot on TLC’s Pitmasters and about their BBQ cooking techniques.
pitmavers a show on tlc that will showcase one team from omaha and those are hot grill on grill action and yes, that is their name known as ryan frampton and you are the pit master. >> yep. >> what does that entail? >> they wanted someone to look in charge and we all have equal say as far as what goes on and what gets turned in for the competition. and it was an interesting selection. >> you have a play on words. >> yes. and we need fire power but added two others from the team. and we think of what other names and this one came out and stuck. and it is mostly what we are about. >> and how did you find it? >> we found it and scrambled to put an audition tape together and and we ha a different angle to play. >> and this is your audition tape. this is what you september in to the show? >> that’s right. that’s right. and that is the little chub. we keep adding on it so we can wash the dishe



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