BBQ Chicken Salad

We’re cooking BBQ Chicken Salad with Micah Baumstein from Ted’s Montana Grill.
here first in n the tech center. let’s head over tole the kitchen k and patrick isis with ted’s w montana grill. >> our friends mike and raul areul here from ted’s montanaon grill. we have chicken, booze andan salad. sounds like a fullds day, right? what do we have this morning? no bison. usually you guys come in with a bygone. >> no bison today. >> healthy barbecuebaue chicken salad dish. >> we’re actuallye’ making one of our new signature items,w which is barbecue chickenen salad, as al well a ss the man geovangela sangria and a strawberry yshortcake as well. w >> something to eat, somethingom to wash it down with undesert asde well. what’s in the ingredients? >> we’ll start off with our salad mix, a mixed greens whichix re is romaine, icebergce lettuce, l shredded carrots and shredded purple cabbage, we’ll mgeix it up with roasted corn, diced tomatoes, diced tocumbers, half an avodo,



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