Bastille Days Opens

Bastille Days kicked off in Milwaukee Thursday night.
mike.th there are a lote of people outso at herea enjoying the opening night of bastille days and with the crowd that is this big how many of these people are actually from france? >> there is french music. french fod. and lots of french wine. you can stroll under the eiffel tower and learn to expect language of love. you can even storm the bastille. but is anyone here actually from franks?d so v –er france? >> have you met anyone from france? >> no.ou’v but we heard some good music.cajun we met someone from new orleans. >> have you met anyone fromthat ma france?tual >> yes. >> but the closest we came is miriam who grew up inial gearia. her family lives in france and she actually speaks french. she said even if a lot of people here are not from france it lets everyone be french for the weekend. >> to have a connection and they just like the culture. >> and we did try to find somebody fr



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