Barbequed Salmon W/Cortland Apple Salsa

We’re cooking Barbequed Salmon Topped with a Cortland Apple Salsa with Chef Marc Ruggio from Cortland Place.
robert. let’s he ad over to the kitchen, unfortunately, ladies, he’s taken, but ifta b not, he would be e a very eligibleib bachelor. >> everythingve is negotiable. i’mm kidding to my wife at home. marc ruggio joing us. we have salmon, maple syrup, ru talk about this. a >> we have barbecued salmon with cortland apple salsa, and we’re serving that as a brain healthy cuisine. we have the mixed greens, weed ehaveha avocados, we have cortland apples, salmon, we have gres, we have maple syrup. we’ve got everything working here. >> wow. this is good for my brain you’re saying? >> yes, it increases yourou endorito 15s and stimulates your minds. >> this is the key k to me being smarter than ben and biz elizabeth. >> smarter than ben and elizabeth. >> i can’t wait to give it a try. tr find the recipe and ingredients on line atin foxprovidence.com. we’re cooking with cortlanokd place this morning.



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