Barbeque Shrimp

Barbeque shrimp
is showing us how to make some delicious barbecue shrimp. >> we took the shrimp with the heads on, because that ad as lot of flavor. when you’re doing this dish, i like doing it with the heads on. it’s a very simple dish. we’re taking our olive oil, a little olive oil in the pan. we’re taking our shrimp and seasoning it, taking the shrimp and mixing it around a little bit, salt, and peper. you have to have some seasoning. it gives it a beter flavor. so we got our shrimp, and we’re just going to put it right in the skillet. right after that, you’re going to put your garlic in. this dish relies on the garlic browning. all right? and this dish has to be very fast, because this whole dish, you’ve got to cook the dish, cook the shrimp all at the same time. and make the sauce. before the shrimp are coked. browning my garlic right here. just going to flip these shrimp over. flip them over, flip



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