Barbecue Chicken Salad

Recipe from Festival Foods
>> good morning. how are you? i know i’m bright and smiley and cheery today. i don’t know. you know why? we’re just going to change things up and do things a little differently. sometimes we get into that just hum drum routine. to character things up,o crazy, make even make something different for dinner. get out of the recipe rut we get into once in a while. maybe join a book club. rent a movie. try a new exercise. go to a different exercise class. shake things up a little bit. i know i was stuck in a rut a while back. what brought me out, i was going through that middle age thing, and i started playing tennis. this is real cool. i talked about it on facebook. i have been playing tennis since i was a kid. i got married, had kids, gave it up for a while. they got in the way! you know how that p has. but i started like i need something else in my life and just the treadmill and running wa



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