Bar Where Woman Fell Was Recently Inspected

Authorities say a 26-year-old woman fell 14 feet after breaking through a glass ceiling window at Knuckles Sports Bar and Grill and Skky Club late Saturday night.
learning more about a scary incident at a club in downtown green bay this weekend. although we still don’t know how seriously she was hurt, police say a woman was taken to a hospital after falling from the second story — through a glass ceiling window at knuckles sports bar and grill and skky club on washington street late saturday night. we learned today the city has had no problems with the property in the past. cameron clark has this fox 11 follow up. < officials still aren’t releasing the condition of the 26-year old woman who fell nearly 15 feet at knuckles sports bar and grill and skky club saturday night. here are some pictures from the inside of skky from its myspace and facebook pages. the pictures are dated months before the incident. police say the woman crossed the railing after she dropped her id. the glass broke when she went to get it. you can see the glass area is bar



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