Bar Show – 9/25/17

Bar Show – 9/25/17
[?] >> joy: welcome back to our special “ozarks live!” restaurant show. it’s not about the food. just about the food as we mentioned. part of the nra show, national restaurant association show, is the bar show, which stands for beverage and alcohol for restaurants. sound fun for you? >> tom: i think chicago is not the same after you two were there. >> joy: what do we remember? >> luckily, the bar show is only two days of the four that we were there. and it was good. it was enlightening. and we’ll see the footage. >> joy: all right. let’s jog our memories. check this out. >> whoo! ? >> what is going on with this? >> joy: beer and tea. >> beer and tea together. and watermelon. delicious! >> this is our new product, a froze that we’re launching. begin, cardimom and black pepper. >> these are bugs. >> grass hoppers. they’re tasty with my beers. they’re full of protein. >> texture is not weir



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