Banned Antibiotics Found On Chicken Feathers

Four antibiotics that were banned are being used in poultry products.
sheriff’s office right away. >> all right, thank you. >>> a health alert after research finds banned antibiotics and arsenic in poultry products. the findings surprised the professor who worked on both studies. the goal is to look for antibiotics used for growth but they tested for other chemicals as well. they found four antibiotics that was banned four years ago he found tylenol, benadryl, caffeine and arsenic. but he is as there is no evidence of a danger to people eating chicken. >> we did not look directly at the chicken meat. we can only find what it is based on the faithers. we need to do a thorough study whaf is left behind in chickens. >> they are shooting down the study saying it looked only at feathers and not meat. more research is needed. a spokeswoman for the fda says



Found Country:US