Bandito’s Is The Newest Addition To Restaurant Row

The Latin Kitchen & Cantina brings fresh Latin fare and great atmosphere
>> it is the newest edition to restaurant row off the strip and if drink specials aren’t enough check out bandido’s for the atmosphere. i did, take a look. >>> you’ve probably driven pazzed this gorgeous building off flamingo and thought what is in there? it is bandido latin kitchen and can tina. ken hartmann is the owner. what can we expect from a latin kitchen? >>> we’re going the be 90% mexican foot food. we wanted to encompass different regions, spanish food, south american food, all different parts of mexico. >>> a lot of think mexican and they think tex-mex. >>> a lot of people have their opinions on what is traditional mexican or not. especially people from texas. we have the classics here but more of the upscale, a lot more kind of maybe healthier options than people are used to. you’ll see vegetables that we offer and question try to do a little bit different. >>> what is your f



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