Banana Muffins

Gluten-free banana muffins.
kit kidds eat. and one of the women named mom of the revolution, dawn, thank you so much for being sowith us. >> welcome to the show, so glad to have you here. >> glad to>> be here. e >> how many kids do have you? >> i have two, a 3-year-old anda 7-year-old. >> tell us about this you are adamant about being healthy. how did this start for you? >> i’m a nutritional couns elor and to get my own kids to eatto healthy was as batle.t she felt singled outle, me mom is makingly eat these food and my friends don’t have to so i thought what is the best way to enroll her friends so i developed a cook, class to get everyone together in her school and teach all the kids together how to prepare the food. p >> this is gluten free food. >> not everything is gluten free. my gluten free line i developed not only for myself because i’m gluten sensitive, but kids that are hdhd, i council children, take the



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