Banana Cream Pie Smoothie

ireland shows us how to make banana cream pie smoothie
you’re going to love this recipe. >> hi everybody. today i’m going to make a bana cream pie smoothy. i love smoothies. they’re like a milkshake except they’re healthy and have tons of fruit in them. i love bana cream pie, i thought, hey, why not make it any a smoothy? we start off with 2 frozen banas. we cut them up, put them in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. i’m going to put these in the blender. then a half cup of milk. a tablespoon of money. honey. get all that honey in there. and one container of bana cream yogurt. you can also use bana, vanilla. but we’re going to make it super bana creamish. get all that yogurt in there. all right. let’s start the smoothy. blend it up all nice. that looks really good! it smells really good, too. now, here is the fun part. every bana cream pie needs a ton of whipped cream. and some graham cracker crust. smash those up. put a few on top. now, this lo



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