Banana Apple Coffee Cake

We’re making Banana Apple Coffee Cake with Oat and Pecan
going to the breakfast now — to the w kitchen now, we’re w breaking breakfast. you have my favorite girl over g there. >> i do. she said e vince, did you lose weight, i said i lost 35 pounds, and sh e lost 25 pounds, so you can se e it in the i face especially. >> although the camera aderds 10, so it’s not helpingt’ us any. >> i told her, i have to lose another 10, so we get rid of that. so of course, we lose all a this weight and what are we making today in. >> today we are going to make ae bana apple a coffee cake with a pecan oat crumb toppcaing. butter, butter, butter. >> did you see the hamburger he on the glazed doughnut, it waswa like 1500 calories? >> no. >> i have a feeling this is going to come close to it caloriewise. ri >> def>>initely. we have a lot of butter, a lot of sugar, lots l of fat, and it’s so good. . so i can’t wait to maket this with you and lily a. >> tell becau



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