Baltimores Best Restaurant Suzanne Loudermilk

Baltimore’s Best Restaurant Suzanne Loudermilk
on this one througho the morning. >>> we all know baltimore is great for its history of restaurants, steaks, sushi, crabs and crab cake but every year, people from baltimore magazine have a list. this morning suzanne had a tough assignment, the list of baltimore’s best restaurants it was difficult in many ways as you reveal in the magazine you have been dealing with a diagnosis of cancer. >> i was diagnosed with breast cancer it effected me more in the past year than this particular issue but as i was doing chemo but also going out and reviewing the restaurants, it made me realize we are so lucky so many restaurants are focusing on local foods, freshest foods, and it was a great time to eat out. >> 67 of the top restaurants here in baltimore, and you guys did something unique you broke it down into categories. >> we did. we felt like so many times, it depends what mood you are in, what f



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