Baltimore Restaurant Week

Previewing Baltimore Restaurant Week with Chef Tony Foreman and Downtown Partnership’s Kirby Fowler.
>>> kirby fowler, the president of the downtown partnership. when did baltimore start? every other county’s doing it now for restaurant week. >> five years ago, the downtown visited baltimore and decided let’s do it here in maryland. we were the first to do it and now other parts of the state have basically copied us. >> you own what, 100 restaurants here in town? >> four. >> you just added one just last week. no, come on. how does it help you? >> restaurant week is great because the main thing is it givens people per in addition to come out and try places they might not otherwise try. we always tray to make a special effort to make the menu have you interesting. give them a reason to come back. it is our chance to compete for the business, new diners for us. >> when you go around the restaurants, they are packed. >> absolutely. when we kicked it off, we weren’t too shower about it but n



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