Baltimore Magazine’s Sizzling Steakhouses

great steak houses segment
sunny out there. it’s going to be hot as well. you’re looking at a live picture of the inner harbor this morning. justin will have more on your weekend weather, there are some things going on this weekend, he’ll fill you in on what you can expect. many of you love a good steak, you may have a favorite place to chow down on one, this may change your mind. suzanne from baltimore magazine is here. she has a hard job. >> best beaches, best steakhouses, best restaurants. >> this was so much fun. we’d never done a round-up of all the steakhouses. there are many similarities, but also many differences. it was fun. >> how do you determine who has the best steak? >> we didn’t really rank them, who had the best. we wanted to let people know, this is what you’ll find. >> some of them were pretty pricey. before you spend a lot of money, you might as well know what’s fair. is it more formal? more cas



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