Baltimore Magazine’s Best Crab Houses

You have your favorite, these are the best according to Baltimore Magazine: Best Crab Houses.
onto abc2news.com. >>> baltimore mask leaves no shell uncracked to find the 23 best crab houses. suzanne writes: bring on the crabs. we were talking, you grew up in towson, used to go out back and get crabs. now we have a crab house. ‘re trying to figure out what was the first crab house in baltimore. brickies has been around forever. >> gunnings’, there are so many that have been passed down through the generations and are still around. >> all right you went to every one of them. 23 crab houses. >> i went to a lot of them. >> say you went to every one. >> i went to a lot of them. >> did you have a dozen each? >> i ate way too many crabs. we judged it on seasoning, ambience. >> do all 23 have olvey? . >>> i’ll shout a couple out. you yell. canton dock side. >> water view, sit outside at the picnic tables. great atmosphere, great crabs. >> cjs. >> just an old time place, great place to ha



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