Baltimore County Restaurant Week

Baltimore County is celebrating its first Restaurant Week.
maryland” at nine. clear clear. >> thanks for joining us the baltimore county is so big and so diverse and so are the restaurants. so there are many fabulous places to eat. we know that. but for the first time, the county is having restaurant week. baltimore county conference and tourism director jill and pete is that right? >> that’s right. >> yes absolutely. >> owner of costas and i’ve never — if i’ve never been there they have amazing crabsp thanks for coming in. >> thank you very much. >> baltimore county, how did you get involved and what made you decide you need restaurant week. >> we are a big and diverse county with more than 1200 restaurants. it employs 25,000 people or more. aid great opportunity for us. and we have to get in on it. and we put out word and we chose two weeks in january when business is slower and we have more — slower and we have more than 40 restaurants part



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