Baklava: Popular Greek Easter Dessert

We’re cooking Baklava, a popular Greek Easter dessert in the kitchen with Angelo’s.
the scenes, or in front of the scenes, let’s go to the kitchen. pat africa? >> vince expense more time goofing around on the clock than anyone i’ve ev er seen. i owed you tha t one,out ben. all the times you mak ye fun of me. this is christine from angelo’s lo in cumberland. er good morning, christine. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> i’m great. now that i’m h ere with you in the kitchen and i ken see the ingredients for baklava, did i say this right? >> perfect. >> not bad for an irish guy. >> great job. >> christ>>ine, telchl mine what goess into making worldak cl wass baklava at angelo’s in cumberland. >> i’m going>> to tell you. this is a mixture off almondsds and walnuts with cinnamon and sugar and then we have the pickles on top, that’s made witht’de water, sugar, i put a littletl lemon in it and a cinnamon stick and then of we have melted butter, and then the philo dough. >> th



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