Bakes Stuffed Clams

Bakes Stuffed Clams
facebook fan page. let us know. we will get your thoughts on the air. >> we are in the kitchen now with chef mark stevic. good morning to you. a lot going on here. quest we’re rolling out a new featured item. i thought i would show you how to prep them. >> let’s tell folks what ingredients are needed. >> i like the mill neck clams. they have a nice flavor. the stuffing will be a ritz crackers. it gives it a nice flavor. old bay seasoning, red pepper, green onions. it comes out will my spirit will start melting our butter. >> this is for the clams. >> this is for the stuffing. you need about 6 ounces of butter to start with. >> do you want me to put that in there? >> it just that. >> some for later. we have some hungry people of the show. >> we put that on medium heat and we have the red pepper and garlic and mixed in with the bread crumbs. let’s open some clams. >> to be a bit of a chall



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