Bakery For Pets

One local women is making a career out of making pets happy. Reporter Sarah Gustin takes us into one kitchen that isn’t cooking up cookies for you, but for your four-legged loved one. In a home, where the pets have few concerns and are of course, well-fed, Tricia is baking up pet treats, not just for these guys, but for your pet too. (Tricia Allen / Tricia’s Bakery) I started this after we got our dog. I started making dog treats for him and then I gave them out to friends and family and co-workers and decided after that that everyone liked them so much that I would try to sell them. Tricia’s treats aren’t the the type of treats you can just pick up at the pet store. Her treats are the one of a kind…homemade type. (Tricia Allen / Tricia’s Bakery) I look online for recipes, I find them on the internet, there are dog cookbooks that you can find at Barnes and Noble or at the library. And I find ideas in these locations, but then I change the recipes and alter them because sometimes there are ingredients I don’t feel comfortable with in the recipes. Tricia has a soft spot, not only for the pets in our area, but for pets all around the world. (Tricia Allen / Tricia’s Bakery) I am always the one out feeding the stray, or putting food in my backyard when I see a cat running around the neighborhood or if I see dogs loose out on the street. I will try to grab them and find out where they belong. So yeah, I definitely have a soft spot for animals. And that includes pets all around the world. She makes Treats for Troops. She sends special ribbon treats to the soliders in Iraq for the overseas pets to enjoy. For each package of ribbon treats you buy, Tricia donates a quarter of the sale to Operation Homefront. Reporting for KX news, I am Sarah Gustin. Now she is considering adding pink coloring to the treats for breast cancer Awareness. If you are interested in learning more about Tricia’s Bakery you can log onto her website…triciasbakery.com.



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