Bakersfield To Receive Grant To Fight Hunger

The city will receive $100,000 to help feed the hungry in Kern County. Bakersfield finished the WalMart/Facebook campaign in the top 6 cities nationwide.
six of walmart’s fight hunger campaign, which mea the city will receive one hundred thousand dollars to help feed the hungry in kern county. 17’s mark haas is live at walmart in northwest bakersfield with more walmart announced its latest campaign in mid november and identified the 100 cities with the highest rates of food hardhip. the campaign was run through facebook, salt lake city won the contest and will receive 1 million dollars, while bakersfield was within the next top 5 and will receive one hundred thousand. bakersfield need your vote, and the community responded. “once again bakersfield has proven its extreme value to carrying about people and being a part of the process, and we were up against some pretty heavy hitters in the whole competition.” bakersfield finished the competion in the top 6, and a hundred thousand dollars will be shared between the gleaners and community act



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