Baker’s Crust Eggplant Napoleon

Baker’s Crust Eggplant Napoleon
eggplant napoleon. before we get started.. here’s a list of ingredients! now for a lok at what to expect with the weather expect with the weather today… meteorologist jon cash. it’s the end of contest week and we’ve had some great prizes – sunshine today. a high temperature of 50. tomorrow, mostly sunny and 50. sunday, looking good. showers later on monday. colder weather comes in by the middle part of next week. here is the trivia. biggest be in the area. opened in august of 1981. 180 of them. 3 acres. — three anchors. what do i mean there? if you think you know the answer, go to www.thehamptonroadsshow.com. there is a form there you can fill out. >> we have some great prizes. we have already given away wizard of oz tickets. that just leaves one price. >> today’s winner will get a colonial williamsburg prize package. >> plus, everyone who played all week will be entered for the grand



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