Baked Stuffed Garden Peppers

We’re cooking Baked Stuffed Garden Peppers with Chef John Granata from Camille’s.
show them on thehe show. let’s head over to patrick who is live in the kitchen with chefch john granata. >> not jus>>t chef johnch j granata, joe zito is here as well. i >> good morning. >> always a pleasure, patrick. >> are you sure about s that? ha because elizabeth is not here. it’s just us. >> i want to say right now that john said to me, did pete bring his trumpet? i said that’s chuck mangione. he was allhe excited. >> maybe he can. i don’t know.do . i know pete can’t cook, b ut i know you can. what do we haveat here,we some peppers. >> we’re going to do stuffed peppers, because all thes, peppers are coming out of the garden. i want to show youou quickly howck we’ll cut the peppers. era lot of people cut theth pepper this th way. right. t.withwi the cap on it. we’re going to cut through the estem. watch it won’t work on o tv. t there we go. we’re going to go e rightg o through the s



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