Baked Spaghetti

Baked Spaghetti
is sick — six, but he doesn’t say anything. >> we have a very nice lady here. are you helping your mother? cracks in grading the cheese. this is jamie. this is a family recipe. tell us about it. > it is — one might — when my mother was born, it was her baby nurses recipe. show us how you get it done. you take a greased pan with a little butter. but the spaghetti and, which you have already boiled. put it all in the pan. what is on top of the 1 layer of spaghetti? >> use use the jarred sauce, just one level. just beginning at a time? >> just a little spaghetti sauce, a little bit of puree, >> put some cheese on top. >> this is reminiscent of lasagna. >> i like this. this is different. you can use a little mozzarella cheese if you want. white cheddar, pretty much in nietzsche’s will do. and parmesan cheese as well. >> then you put another layer on top. >> then you do the same thing you



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