Baked Prawns

matt winters from festival show us how to bake prawns
amazing way to celebrate the holidays. >> welcome back. ‘tiz the season to splurge, make some wonderful seafood, chef matt wintersers from the executive chef at fort fort festival foods is here to show us great seafood recipes. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i was at festival the other day. i walked by the seafood department and did a couple take and came right back. wow, have you brought in great stuff. >> aren’t these amazing? >> wow. i saw these shrimp, jumbo prawns, really almost the size of lobster tails. talk about a wow factor. >> if you’re having a holiday party that is what you need. >> i wish we had the regular shrimp next to them. you could just see how big they are. i don’t know if you’re getting that. how big they are. 1-2 of those will do somebody, fill you right up. we’re going to take these wonderful jumbo prawns and give them great flavor. it’s really easy. >> v



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