Baked Manicotti

Chef John Granata and TV Maitre D’ Joe Zito cook up some delicious banked manicotti.
exciting. what do you have for us in theor kitchen, vince? >> we have great italian food. we have john granata from camille’s up on the him and tv’sd maitre d’, joe zitmao. >> happy new year. y our first chancest to say that to our friends. >> your% time back on “the rhode show” kitchen since the new year. we are making a classicc italian staple to the. dd today. >> — staple today. tell everybody what’s in it. >> this dish on paper looks a little intimidating. basica lly, it’s three parts,re basically, you make the batter for the crepes, because we don’t on use noodles,dl we use the crepe mix. mi>> that’s the right way. >> and wee make a batch of mill sauce and then what we’re going to do is the stuffing mix.g so what we’re going to do in the segments, we’ll show you how to make t he crepes in the second segment, because that’s the one that’s difficult for p’seople at home. we’ll show y



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