Baked Berry Pancake

otto’s recipe for baked berry pancake
off theoff resort, we do breakfast, lumple and dinner here. we’re going to make one of our signature breakfast items, our baked berry pancakes. so we’re going to first do our dry ingredients. we have all purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and then salt. and we’re just going to give that a qick whisk first. and then in another bowl we’re going to take our wet ingredients, which is going to be buttermilk, and then here for otto’s re we use organic egs. and we’re just going to give this a quick mix. before we ad that to the dry. let’s go ahead and give that a quick mix. it’s all right if it’s a little lumpy here. it’s a nie, rustic recipe. now we’ve got a nice, creamy batter. going to take our preheated pan, a little bit of clarified butter. for here we do three ful scoops. and then obviously, whatever you want to build here, we’ve got raspberries. fresh strawberries. and the



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