Baked Acorn Squash

Baked acorn squash
right. i said seven. [laughter] and also a vegetarian herself. >> sometimes, when it’s on holiday, people start freaking out that people are coming over. there’s realy no need to stress out. just spice up some of the dishes you’re already making, some of the sides. it’s so easy to do. i’m going to show you a baked acorn squash. >> we already preheated the oven to 350 degrees. >> first cut your acorn squash and bake it. the way you do that is scoop out the seeds, and then you’re going to coit with som — coat it with some oil here, a lightlier. a light layer. when it comes out, it wil look like this. when you pull it out of the oven — go ahead and turn the oven to broil. while the broiler’s heating up, if you want to put some oil in the pan that’s already warm, we’re going to put some oil in that pan. >> just a little bit? >> just about a tablespoon. and then a couple of teaspoons of cur



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