Bad Piñons Can Disturb Taste

Bad piñons or pine nuts can cause a reaction that disturbs the sense of taste.
nuts are a favorite in new mexico, but there is a strange condition caused by the nuts. in some people the tiny nuts can cause a nasty taste disturbance. 22;12 a horrible bitter taste in the back of your moth f 22:18 228 it wouldn’t go away 20 22:20 we tried chewing gum and eating pepperm int nothing wouldth make it go away. 25 carol hanson savors her morning coffee. g a few months ago she goand her husband charles went out to dinner. 18:52 we had pinon nuts on an appatizer and the d salad bar and we didnt know what caused it. the next morning i woke up and had coffee and thought it was the worst tasting coffee…it was so bitter. 19:05 27;54 nats of writing on google. 20:48 i googled it and a lot of ppl had written on blogs and it was all linked to chinese pinon nuts 21:02 21;35 we have a number of lay reports and one medical paper about people who w eat pine nuts and they have ad day o



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