Bacon-wrapped Filet With Lobster Tail

We’re cooking bacon-wrapped filet with butter poached lobster tail with Chef Tim Souza of Newport Restaurant Group .
is over. i can’t believe it. let’s head to the kitchen right now. danielle north. >> we are f inishing off wedding ed week wit a fabulous recipe today and we ared doing it by chef tim souza from the t newportew restaurant grreoup. thanks so much for beingor here.re making really one of ty he popular r wedding dishes, if youes will, sort of a surf and turf mix. what do we have? >> today we haveod w not sveteamed yet ybut lobster, 5-ounce-o bacon wrapped fillet, fingerling potatoes and green beans.nd >> why don’t we go do the risk for cardiovascular problems — >> why don’t weon go down the list. >> garlic, i’ll poach is in butter,, fingerlings will be boiled and split and roasted with a little bit of seasoning and grow beans will be sauteed in the garlic. >> nice simple fresh ingredients and it’s all going toin come together inn a beautiful dish. don’t forget, get thehe list of ingredient



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