Bacon Turkey

ultimate thanksgiving contest main course
>> welcome back. we’re having a hoot of a time this morning. i’ve got kim from manitowoc. my kind of gal. i’m doing thanksgiving beginner and i asoon everybody, and i’m with you. >> i think that’s okay. we don’t need 53 pumpkin pies. assign everybody, but tim you’re in charge of the turkey. >> that’s right, that’s right. usually. >> because her’s is so darn good. kim’s recipe jumped right off the page at us. you had me at bacon. bacon wrapped turkey. come on, doesn’t get better than that. >> everything tastes better with bacon. >> how did you come up with this recipe? >> a few years ago, my husband is a hunter, and everybody in the family is, but because wild turkey is dryer we need something to keep the moisture in there and get it moist so we started wrapping it with bacon. >> it was a hit. >> i wrap everything can bacon. >> i don’t blame you. start the diet tomorrow. >> exactly. >> le



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