Bacon Lovers Day

bacon lovers day
>> haley: welcome back we have another delicious thing for you that we are making here in the kitchen this morning. we are celebrating national bacon lovers day. really it should be is on holiday. we have already made an open faced sandwich of bacon. now we are making dessert which is something you don’t think of when you think bacon. >> right. >> haley: what are we making? >> remaking candy bacon and a maple moose. we are going to make this candy. >> haley: how do you make this candide? >> determine otto – it is determine abc 4 utah so you get that sweet and salty mix. quest so this begs in the oven until the sugar caramelize is and crystallizes. >> haley: then it looks like this! >> this is fresh out of the oven. then we’re going to switch gears over here and we start by pwarming up some maple syrup until it is hot in boiling. >> haley: delicious! >> that we need to temper this. you ad



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