Bacon Fest – T’s Redneck Steakhouse – 10/12/17

Bacon Fest – T’s Redneck Steakhouse – 10/12/17
[?] >> joy: all right. you know it and you love it. bacon fest is this saturday. we’ve got one of the vendors here with us, t’s redneck steakhouse. thanks for coming in, tina! >> guest: thanks for having me again. bacon fest, saturday! it’s going to be beautiful. it’s going to be a lot of fun. >> tom: what is on tap at bacon fest from t’s? >> well, you know we’ve done our flavors before. but we’ve got a couple of new additions this year we’re going to do at bacon fest that people have to come out and try. first of all, i want you guys to try a home made caramel apple shine. this is only for the october, november, december. you have to come to the steakhouse to get it. but we’re going to have it at bacon fest. now, we actually use our clear shine. and then, we make a home made caramel and put apple with it, because obviously this is apple time of the year. >> tom: yeah. >> joy: this is oc



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