Backyard BBQ Tuna Steaks

Backyard BBQ Tuna Steaks
from the lord of the dance to the master ofr the grill, vince is cooking outside onut the backyard barbecue. >> oh, i am a outside indeed, mydemy friend and i am here with my good friend, david califf, who is a “the rhode show” watcher, is that correct? >> i am. >> you decided to come outom here and do backyard barbecuerb. we have tuna ks. >> fresh blue fin tuna.n . >> did you catch them yourself? >> no, my buddy’s dad did. >> the marinade is going to go on top. >> i squeezed about a tablespoon of fresh lime juice into the bowl, three quarters cup of olive oil, three quarters of a couple of fresh lime juice, a cup of freshly chopped cilantr o, a quarter of a cup of fresh chopped parsley, a tablespoon of sugar, garlic,. >> why sugar? >> to offset the citrus a little bit. make it not too start. . a tablespoon of salt, a tablespoon of fresh ground pepper and i have a chopped cirano pepper t



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