Backyard BBQ – Mass Appeal

Dennis Leger of the Springfield Fire Department talking about how to keep your family safe during the summer months.
it with you on the show. to share your funny pictures, go to facebook and put it on our way. we may have to show it on the show. and today we actually are featuring a picture that someone posted on our facebook wall that we thought was really funny. check it out. oh! look at the mustache on that dog. >> oh, mustache-io pooch. that’s a lot of fun. >> that’s actually a dog toy. have you ever seen the dog teeth one? with the dog’s teeth? >> no. >> that dog toy. >> hey, the mustache, you can get those on the internet. >> i know. >> and there’s lots of fun ways to do that. >> there’s the doggy soaky, too. there it is. there’s the piece. >> doggy teeth. >> that’s actually the one on our facebook wall. >> yes. >> and that’s the one with the teeth, the buck teeth. >> that’s kind of funny. >> that’s a lot of fun. and there’s another doggy chew toy with his song. it’s another doggy toy of some sor



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