Backyard BBQ Grilled Pizza & Veggies

We’re outside in the Backyard BBQ cooking up some grilled pizza and veggies from Franklin Farm.
our backyardbard barbecue. vince, what’s grilling. >> what’s grilling here. we’re going to tell you in a second. we have a squabble back hea re asbb re to who wants t o stand where. johnson and whales, famous culinary school, it is julissa and you’ve been hereee before and you’ve been here before.re >> yes, we were. >> and you have a potpourri of vegetables. >> we’re using u vegetables straight from the farm, these were picked this morning and last time we were here, wee, made a mexican pizza, so wre making ki a grilled pizza,gr so don’t put your grills away yet. >> we’re going to grill the dill and a lot of people want to know how to do that, so we’ve got a great lesson and we’re going to grill our vegetables and we’re going to dice them up and top ourou pizza with freswih grilled vegetables and a little gorgonzola cheese. we have zucchini, squash, we haveha onions, red peppers, green p



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