Backyard BBQ Fried Clams And Stuffed Pork Chops

Backyard BBQ Fried Clams and Stuffed Pork Chops
computing than that. we’re heading over to the backyard barbecue. lily is cooking up two things, not just one, right? >> the second thing i’m cooking up is my tukus. it’s chilly out here. first of all, gentlemen, introduce yourselves. >> i’m lou del ponte. >> and i’m bill cote. >> and where are you from? >> riverside. >> narragansett. >> ok. >> you guys are “the rhode show” viewers, good enough to come in here and cook for us this morning. >> tell me what we have. we have a hot pan, duly noted, it’s very warm. >> what we’re doing is rendered bacon in here for flavor, cooled it out, added olive oil, we’ll add some garlic right now for fflavoring. >> i’m loving this already. bacon and garlic. >> w e have some parmesan cheese along with bread crumbs, this will go together and we’ll stuff the clams and fry them upside down. we have them open and draing the water out so when it hits the hot o



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