Backyard BBQ: Clam Bake

We’re cooking Narragansett Beer “Clam Can” Clambake with McGrath Clambakes, Inc.
write like stephen king. g. we’re going to head to the backyard barbecue where patrick is outside. what’s going on out t ohere? >> we’re having a clambake from t.r. mcgrath from clambakes and film from narragansett beer. let’s talk about the clam can narragansett beer, its official beer of clam cakes, right? >> narragansett beer is the official beer of the clam, what is better in new england than clams and and beer and clamba kes, so we came out with our limited edition can which has our recipe on the back. this is our family recipe, it’s very straightforward. t.r. does great clambakes, live clambakes with the sea weed and really a great production, butod this is something you can take home, the key ingredients are clam and beer and we’ve expanded from there. >> talk about the family, youy, guys have been doing this forever, your family with the clambakes. >> we like to think so. mcgrath



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